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The Entrepreneurial Guide

The Key Principles of Building and Growing Your Business


The Future Of Disruptive Technologies

Impacts on Business, Workforce, and Societies. 


DESTINATION SUCCESS: Discovering the Entrepreneurial Journey

Do you ever feel like you have all the tools and qualities in place, but lack the drive, motivation, or even inspiration to succeed? You are not alone. We all experience a lack of passion at one time or another. Passion is the fuel that propels the car; without it, you are stuck, unable to move forward, and without a necessary energy source. This story is a true one, and it happens more than we’d like to admit. In fact, you’ll likely feel a sense of familiarity with the forthcoming story.

Throughout this story, you’ll learn real lessons from entrepreneurs who have crafted a lifestyle centered on purposeful work that is both satisfying and meaningful.

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Roadmap to Success:

Co-authored a book, “Roadmap to Success,” with Deepak Chopra, Ken Blanchard and other entrepreneurial leaders for strategies for success


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